Destiny 2 Trailer – Blue’s News Story

Bungie reaffirms that beta testing of the Windows edition of Destiny 2 will get
underway on August 29th for everyone and 24 hours earlier than that for those
who preorder the upcoming shooter sequel. They accompany the news with a
new trailer showing
gameplay on a PC running at 4K resolution. Word is:

Experience Destiny 2
in 4K with uncapped frame rates in the PC Open Beta August 29-31. Pre-purchase
Destiny 2 on PC Exclusively at Blizzard and get 24 hour early beta
access starting on August 28.

Begin Destiny 2’s epic cinematic story campaign, fight below the surface of
Nessus in the three-player cooperative Strike Inverted Spire, and enter the
Crucible to put your competitive multiplayer skills to the test in two 4v4
modes. Learn more:

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