Flight Sim World Early Access

now offers early access to Flight Sim World, a new flight simulator with an
emphasis on realism. You can judge whether this flies in
this trailer with a
brief look at the game. Here’s the pitch:

Flight Sim World®, developed by
specialist simulation developer and publisher Dovetail Games, has now been
released into Steam’s Early Access program.

Take control of your exquisitely modeled aircraft from take-off to landing
through a variety of dramatic weather conditions. Either fly with friends in
multiplayer mode, or fly solo from over 24,000 airports worldwide.

If you are new to flight simulation, learn the basics while working towards
obtaining your in-sim qualifications in our true-to-life flight lessons. For
those who demand more of a challenge, a series of complex missions will push
your skills to their limit.

As part of Flight Sim World’s release into Steam’s Early Access program, regular
updates will be delivered over the coming months – including a weather system
upgrade, flight planner expansions, and enhanced multiplayer functionality.
Additionally, the Flight Sim World team will be collating and acting on player
feedback for the complete duration of the early access period.

“The flight sim community is a fountain of experience and expertise and early
access is our way of drawing upon that knowledge to make Flight Sim World the
best it can be,” said executive producer Stephen Hood. “With this release, we
are forging a brighter and more vibrant future for flight simulation.”

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