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Digital Extremes announces Keystone, an upcoming free-to-play multiplayer
shooter that looks for a new take on the concept with a deck-building strategy
component. If you’re interested, you can sign up for closed alpha testing on the
Keystone website, where they are
accepting alias reservations. They explain that this is being handled by a
separate team from WARFRAME, and say the first testing will get underway this

With the look and feel of the 1970’s retro-pulp era, Keystone will
take players on a journey through a multi-verse that begins on the starting
square of an intriguing, mystical board game. Players will wield unique decks of
cards throughout the match that offer handy benefits, amazing powers, and
fearsome weapons. With timing and resourcefulness, personally customized decks
give players the upper hand in battle both individually and when strategically
coupled with teammates’ decks. To find out more and to participate alongside the
developers in building the concept of Keystone, sign up for the Closed Alpha

First-wave players will be notified this week on Thursday, May 25 to download
and prepare for the first Closed Alpha session beginning Friday and ending
Monday, May 26-29.

“The long-running success of Warframe has enabled us to build up a second
internal team to create a wholly different but equally satisfying game concept
that we’re really excited about,” said Sheldon Carter, studio head at Digital
Extremes. “Keystone originates from our roots in the FPS world and mixing genres
like we have done with Warframe. We believe there’s room to expand the confines
of what defines a good FPS and hope our community will see the potential and get
on board for the ride.”

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gingerbread man groving with a good old silver ipod mini

gingerbread man groving with a good old silver ipod mini

Gingy from shrek listens to Bonnie Tyler – I Need a Hero (the song from end of the movie ) on an old school silver ipod mini (although the ipod screen moved so thats why its like a line across screen).

also i think he needs a wee clean :L lol

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Nepali Blues – Chill Out Lounge Blues Instrumental Music | Guitar | Tabla | Djembe Instrumental

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