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2008 Blues Music Awards photo: Aigars Lapsa

Photo: Aigars Lapsa. 2008 Blues Music Awards Posted by JeffTurmes on 2012-03-24 07:06:26 Tagged: , Jeff Turmes , bass , blues awards

Blue Rhythm

Posted by photoreti on 2010-01-13 20:01:45 Tagged: , Blue , Blue Rhythm , Bass , Drums , Drum , Music , Jazz , Blue Jazz

Blue on Black woman silhouette If you want to see the instructions of how to make this kind of silhouette shots, please visit the Silhouette Set and read the Set description, thanks I think that the blue color and bass combines a lot. The silhouette of the woman gives to the photo the feeling of a musician from darkness […]

44|52 Self Portrait (Bonus 1): Bass

2 strobes used, both off-camera: one pointed at camera as the main light. the other at camera left used as a fill to add detail to the bass body, my slave light. Both were gelled, one with blue; other with purple. Vassilis suggested I make this more a silhouette. I now agree. Vassilis has a […]

Blue Bass

Posted by Tomas Hejzlar on 2013-04-06 20:42:16 Tagged: , double , bass , blue , band , strahov , music