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Music – Musica

Buy this image in full resolution version This one is dedicate to the music and it’s power of colouring our days an life In Explore 25/10/08 Posted by Angelo Losanno on 2008-10-25 14:57:10 Tagged: , alfacentauri , dsc-v1 , music , colour , colori , musica , musicart , evidenziatori , colorati , note , […]


Posted by Elfike on 2006-05-06 11:32:25 Tagged: , music , guitar , strings , blue , dean , blues , softfocus , closeup

the age of aquarium: 282/365

please view on black mr.g has a new aquarium… and i have a new subject for pictures. this guppy one of the first two inhabitants. …and no, i’m not into astrology…. this song is one of my very favorites — the anti-war sentiment of hair gives me goosebumps. always. and then there’s this… […]