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Live Music Festival Posted by mosimosi on 2008-02-21 16:56:54 Tagged: , secondlife , metaverse , music , prados , azules , pradosazules , musica , metaverso , cultura , culture , funny , blue , cool

The Acrylic neon wonder set!!

Seminole Music and Sound Transparent Drum Set. Posted by Glenn M.1 on 2014-11-19 13:49:19 Tagged: , drums , neon , blue , artsy , acrylic , set , traps , instruments , musical , music , store , djembe , cool

Cool Buddy Guy images

A few nice Buddy Guy images I found: “Buddy Guy” Image by Ted Van Pelt

” Blue with Desire “ Zbigniew Preisner – Blue With Desire Took poetic license to add coloration in this photo Seldom do Goes with the musical link however The above horizontal band ( intellect says NO to desire ) The blue bokeh ( Heart ) … A resounding oui ! Bubbling desire which often is a hot flame Hottest […]

Cool Blues Music images

Check out these blues music images: Blue music Image by OnFoot4now (Didi) One of the handwritten pages of music in this old book we found at the flea market was penned in blue ink. Don’t! Touch! Image by The Cookiemonster