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The sense of resounding depth.

Everywhere, every dimension holds the truth. It’s been around forever. The human race, since it’s conception, has been humming, drumming, singing, echoing, chiselling out the face of truth. It’s re-assuring. It makes me happy. All my life the music has been playing. Sometimes i hold onto bars and lines of the song to hold through […]

Blue Music

Finally bought some backgroundpapers for the studio (read the livingroom 😉 Was fun to try them out yesterday! Love the fresh blue and yellow of the headphones. Strobist 1 Umbrella from right and above @1/4 Posted by Morphicx on 2013-07-14 08:42:44 Tagged: , adult , attractive , background , beautiful , beauty , blond , […]

entry face

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Charley Patton – Some Happy Day (1929)

Charley Patton – Some Happy Day (1929) Video Rating: 5 / 5