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TRP – Inspired By The Lyrics Of… I love this song, the combination of sad text but very funky music is briliant. V.V. Brown has many wonderful songs, she writes all of them, check her out! V.V. Brown – Crying Blood Can’t belive what you’ve done to me, you got me feeling like a cloud […]

Music Tag Game

Happy Monday Blues! I got tagged by Angie ^___^ Here’s the details/rules step by step: – Your picture must somehow be music related. Wether it’s you holding up a drawing of a music note or something more creative. – List atleast 5 bands/artists. You can do more if you’d like. Make sure to link the […]

32/365: Killing the blues….

~John Prine hopefully that’s what I’m doing. last monday was when we made the appointment at the vet, to put Ozzie down, I’m still sad when I think about it and I miss him heaps..but I’m feeling better. HMB somebody said they saw me Posted by { Amy } on 2008-12-01 07:52:22 Tagged: , HMB […]