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Resident Evil 7 biohazard Banned Footage Released

CapCom Unity announces that the Banned Footage DLC is now available for Resident Evil 7 biohazard on all platforms. There are two volumes for sale, though these are free to those who purchased the… Blue’s News

Halo Wars 2 Released

Halo Wars 2 is now available for Windows 10 and Xbox One, offering 343 Studios’ RTS sequel with cross-play support between both platforms. There is a retail version of this in EU stores, and the game… Blue’s News

Realpolitiks and Demo Released

Realpolitiks is now available on Steam, offering a political grand strategy game for Windows, OS X, and Linux. You can get a look at the game in action in this semi-recent trailer and there is also a… Blue’s News

Cossacks 3: Rise to Glory Released

GSC Game World announces the release of Cossacks 3: Rise to Glory, and this Cossacks 3 content is now on Steam and presumably coming soon to Here’s word on the DLC, the upcoming free release… Blue’s News

Western 1849 Reloaded Released

Western 1849 Reloaded is now available on Steam, offering an arcade shooting gallery game with a wild west theme for Windows and OS X. Word is: “Back in 1849, when the West was Wild and gunslingers… Blue’s News