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presented in HD – marrying a photo with music music solaZul – remember — fun back story – past couple weeks i’ve been travelling…. part of that was working onboard an SS Lollipop (or the HMS Screaming Tittie – depending who you ask) in the Caribbean. Was a nice break from the rigors of Toronto […]

Music is my therapy.

I played the guitar by the pool and went for another swim in the sun. Beautiful. <3 I was very inspired! Posted by Violet Paradise (mostly off) on 2011-07-06 17:06:08 Tagged: , music , girl , guitar , pool , water , blue , garden , green , inspiration

Day 82/366. Mixing it up

Another image of the sound through color project for university, i am now doing my final images and this might be one of them. The idea is representing Synesthesia, in this case my synesthesia which is when a sound is made, i see color radiate from that sound. This image was created using my subwoofer […]

Make some music!

This is my friend Anne, we made photos this weekend. The weather was only very bad, there where dark clouds whole day. Her shoes are so cool! View On Black Posted by Dinosaur on a merry go round on 2010-04-13 20:34:58 Tagged: , guitar , vans , reflection , music , hat , green , […]

Sound & Colour

Available here:… Posted by shansloth on 2013-09-15 18:58:31 Tagged: , abstract , water , purple , blue , music , 50mm