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Muddy “Mississippi” Waters Live (180 Gram Audiofile Vinyl Limited Edition)

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Impossible vanguards: avant-garde and progress (ii)

"Entre la mirada y el espacio natural que se nos abre, hay otro cerco: el lenguaje, le técnica o su fragua. El sujeto está marcado por su hallazgo, el sujeto es eso mismo." * Part of the third series of "Impossible vanguards" series (i-iv x iii) * Three sets of four images each, with short […]

Muddy “Mississippi” Waters Live (Legacy Edition)

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Check out these Muddy Waters images: Muddy Waters – Super Blues Image by kevin dooley Muddy Waters – Super Blues Muddy water Image by b3d_ Cloudy sky in a puddle. Nexus S + Camera360

Chicago Blues Featuring Muddy Waters, Johnnie Lewis, Buddy Guy, Junior Well, J. B. Hutto Reviews

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