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Dreamy Music

Do you love Music? Do you live in Music? Have you ever dreamt of Music? Have you learned to play Music? What is Music? Did you ever create Music? How to create Music? Did you ever wish to know more about Music? . . . . . . . . . . . . . […]

Grado SR-60

Completed the reverse quarter mod on the Grados using Sennheiser HD414 pads. Posted by Will Folsom on 2012-10-17 19:53:18 Tagged: , pad , grado , labs , gradolabs , sr60 , prestige , series , headphones , head , phone , phones , headphone , yellow , black , leather , metal , audio , […]

ImprisonedPlaces #12 [Concertina at altitude 815 or Climbing to the blue light]

"In May 1989, Artur Fernandes, Filipe Cal, Filipe Ricardo and Francisco Miguel had a dream to look for and worked their musical performance skills meanwhile they studied the possibilities of taking this instrument away from folklore music ways, accepting what then was known as ” the concertina will”, but writing a new music for it. […]

Day 82/366. Mixing it up

Another image of the sound through color project for university, i am now doing my final images and this might be one of them. The idea is representing Synesthesia, in this case my synesthesia which is when a sound is made, i see color radiate from that sound. This image was created using my subwoofer […]

The Pianist II

Approximately two years ago, I uploaded a photo entitled "The Pianist." At the time, I was shooting with a Canon Powershot, and I was challenged to take a photo that showed bokeh. I love playing the piano, and that was my choice for a photo. I decided to revisit that photo and take a similar […]